End Your Carb Confusion

Eric Westman [7 months ago]

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Overwhelmed by the avalanche of information out there about diets and health? Tired of spending time and money following complicated and expensive plans and protocols that don't deliver the results you want? Would a strict ketogenic diet be best for you? But what if you can't imagine life without fruit or bread? Why won't someone just make all this diet stuff simple?

They have! Eric Westman, MD, has over twenty years of experience as an internal medicine doctor and obesity medicine specialist. He's helped patients at his Keto Medicine Clinic at Duke University lose over 26,000 pounds and reverse conditions like type 2 diabetes, PCOS, high blood pressure, and more. In "End Your Carb Confusion", he shares his time-tested and science-backed strategy with YOU!

If you've spent years doing "all the right things" but you’re still dealing with excess weight, diabetes, heartburn, joint pain, fatigue, skin problems, or other issues, "End Your Carb Confusion" is the GPS you need to help you navigate your way from frustrated and disappointed to empowered and successful. Find the level of carbohydrate intake that’s right for you now, and then learn how to switch gears to a higher- or lower-carb diet when the time is right. Dr. Westman gives you the information you need to start reclaiming your health today—no complicated and confusing scientific gobbledygook, only exactly what you need to understand how you got to where you are (hint—it's not your fault!) and, more important, how to get to where you want to be.

You shouldn't need a PhD, a private chef, and a million dollars to lose weight and get healthy. The simple, straightforward plan laid out in "End Your Carb Confusion" fits into any lifestyle, whether you shop at an organic co-op or a discount chain and will help you reach your goals whether you prefer gourmet meals or fast food. No matter where you're starting from, "End Your Carb Confusion" can lead you to your destination—a renewed body, mind, and spirit.

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