Grosse Pointe Pulp 2

Dan Ames [3 years ago]

Grosse Pointe Pulp 2 Book CoverGet Access to download Grosse Pointe Pulp 2 - Dan Ames eBooks Free (PDF, ePub, Mobi), THREE COMPLETE BOOKS IN A GRIPPING MYSTERY SERIES

Books #4, #5 & #6 in the bestselling and award-winning John Rockne Mystery series.

LONG SHOT. Long Distance Murder. Nick Giordano is a renowned neurologist and family man living in the wealthy Detroit suburb of Grosse Pointe. When he is murdered during a sailboat race, no one sees it coming. Private investigator John Rockne investigates the killing and soon unravels a web of greed and betrayal. A hard-hitting, action-packed story in the bestselling and award-winning John Rockne Mystery Series.

EASY PREY. A prominent Grosse Pointe doctor is found dead, in his car, in an abandoned section of Detroit with a rope around his neck. Private Investigator John Rockne knows the victim, and soon finds himself in the middle of an investigation that blows the lid off Grosse Pointe's glamorous fa├žade. Soon, Rockne becomes the target of a killer whose depraved sadism knows no bounds. The trail of his friend's brutal murder takes him into Detroit's darkest and most dangerous corners, until one final explosive piece of the puzzle makes him question everything, and everyone.

BODY BLOW. Something Very Bad Is Happening In Good Isle. A picture-postcard beautiful little town on the shore of Lake Michigan, Good Isle is where the wealthy buy summer homes. Bad things just don't happen in this quaint little town. That is, until Billy "Dynamite" Dawkins, a legend in Detroit's boxing history, disappears. John and Ellen Rockne, both in Good Isle for different reasons, are asked to look into the famous boxer's disappearance. Before long, they are both drawn into a dark side of Good Isle that until now, had remained the town's most notorious secret.

"Fast-paced, engaging, original."-New York Times bestselling author Thomas Perry

"Dan Ames is a sensation among Kindle readers who love fast-paced thrillers."-Mystery Tribune

"Swept me along for the ride."-Edgar-nominated author Craig McDonald

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